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Our Story

It’s time for poke

Busy dad and The Ohana Poke Company owner, Tyrell Crowell, is passionate about good food. Having spent a lot of time in Hawaii, he developed a love for cooking, entertaining and being creative with healthy ingredients. As a busy dad, he saw a real void in his market for people on the go who want to eat healthy, and thought he could do something about it. 

“I needed something like The Ohana Poke Company for my son and me. Like a lot of people, I’m really busy, but I want my son and I to eat healthy. I’m passionate about poke cuisine — it’s healthy, delicious and fast. Essentially I saw a void in our market for this type of restaurant, so I created it. Now my son and I, along with your families, have a delicious, healthy, fast alternative to eating out.”
Tyrell Crowell, Owner, The Ohana Poke Company


Poke Sushi Fun Facts

Did you know that poke sushi is not just cubed raw tuna? Poke in Hawaiian simply means cubed marinated meat.

At our Billings sushi restaurant,

we serve very high-quality raw tuna but also beef, chicken, salmon (cooked or raw), and even tofu! Here are some more poke factoids…

Number of times people mispronounce poke (It's okay! in fact, poke rhymes with okay!!)

number of cuisines like poke

number of times people were glad they chose poke over fast food

number of times per week you should eat at the ohana poke company


What You Get With Poke Sushi

Daily Fresh Menus

No matter what you are craving, our menu offers a healthy, flavorful option, cooked the way YOU want it.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients can be tough to come by in Montana, but not at The Ohana Poke Company.

Tasty Meals

Our creative usage of fresh ingredients and quality poke culminate in tasty, memorable meals.

Creative Chefs

Food is an expression of art, and that is never truer than when we talk about poke cuisine. Healthy ingredients and creative chefs are a winning recipe for outstanding food.

Authentic Cuisine

Have you ever wanted to move to Hawaii? Now you don’t have to. Owner Tyrell has spent significant time in Hawaii learning the culture and the food. He can’t take you to Hawaii, but he can bring a taste of Hawaii to you.


Prepared Quickly

The perks of poke sushi bowls are endless, but one of the biggest benefits of poke is that it doesn’t take long to prepare. Finally, busy Montanans have an option in healthy, tasty poke, prepared fresh and fast.


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Hours of Operation

11:00am – 8:00pm


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